Magnesium Oxide as a Raw Material for Magnesium Compounds

 Production of high-purity magnesium-containing derivatives requires the reaction of high-quality magnesium oxide (or hydroxide, or carbonate) with various other chemical reactants. DSP oxides have especially low impurity levels of elements that should typically be excluded from the end product, such as lead, heavy metals and calcium.

 The nature of the desired magnesium derivative and the process used for its manufacture, determines the level of reactivity required for the magnesium oxide.

  • Low reactivity grades (designated, SIG, KP, KPLL) are characterized by low surface areas (5 – 20 m2/g approx)
  • Active grades (designated RA40, RA110, RA150) are characterized by high surface area values of (approx., 50, 120 and 170 m2/g approx.), and fine particle sizing.


Product Specification – Technical Grade SIG

Product Specification – Technical Grade KP

Product Specification – Technical Low Active

Product Specification – Low Reactive