Quality System

Quality System operations at all sites of ICL Specialty Minerals are conducted under constant scrutiny with regard to fullest possible implementation of ICL Quality Policies.

All Food and Pharma facilities are certified under ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000, GMP, and are routinely inspected and audited by the relevant regulatory authority (ANSM in France, FDA, IBS in Israel). In addition our Food and Pharma facilities are certified under HACCP requirements.
DSP and Scora magnesium compounds, calcium carbonate products from Scora and potassium chloride from DSS for pharmaceutical application are in full compliance with all the requirements of the European and US Pharmacopoeia, as well as other national pharmacopoeia.

Pharmaceutical production at DSP , DSS and Scora is audited by the US FDA as well as by national Israeli or French authorities for GMP compliance (in France, GMP2) requirements.

Granulated Scoralite® is treated in Europe as a medicine and is produced under GMP1 certification: Scora’s Granulation facility is audited regularly by the French authorities for compliance with GMP 1

Drug Master Files (DMF) have been lodged with the US FDA and appropriate European Agencies.

Products for the food industry are in full compliance with Food Chemicals Codex as well as the European E# system and the specifications of other regulatory bodies.

Customer audits are welcomed. All sites are frequently inspected and repeatedly approved by pharmaceutical manufacturers

GMP+ Magnesium oxides are supplied to the feed industry as a GMP+ certified products, and has been certified for the EU by the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture as compliant with GMP+ for animal feed products.


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