Scora is located at Caffiers, France, approximately 20 minutes from Calais and approximately two hours travel from Paris, Brussels and London. Scora has two product lines, calcium carbonate and magnesium compounds. These products are manufactured in three independent production plants, all of which operate in compliance with GMP. . Calcium carbonate powders and granulates are produced in two separate dedicated plants, while the magnesia products are manufactured in a third independent facility.

Scora’s production facilities are supported by its own research unit, while GMP quality assurance is guaranteed by Scora’s GLP laboratory which is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment. The Calcium lines are designed and directed specifically to meeting the demands of the pharmaceutical industry: Scoralite® powder enjoys an exceptional position in the calcium carbonate market, by virtue of its extremely high chemical purity, and its unique cubic crystal shape Scoralite® powder is converted into granulated directly-compressible intermediates (Scoralite® DC) by compounding with selected binders according to customers’ needs.

Scora’s range of magnesium compounds (powders) is produced under GMP conditions, and is intended for use in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food products, as well as in industrial applications requiring high-purity and tightly controlled physical properties.


Scora Calcium Process and Products

Scora operates a unique synthesis, developed in-house, which yields an exceptionally high quality of synthetic calcium carbonate that is marketed under the trade name Scoralite ®. Scora also converts Scoralite ® into a range of granular calcium carbonate products by compounding it with a number of excipients. Scoralite®, in both powder and granular form, is extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry, particular in medicines for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.


Scora Magnesium Process and Products

The Scora process for manufacturing magnesium compounds utilizes its own proprietary development of the Pattinson process. This includes the use of starting material from DSP, thus capitalizing on the already high purity of magnesia from the Aman process. All Scora magnesium compounds meet the highest purity standards. Scora magnesium oxides and carbonates constitute ICL Specialty Products’ ability to offer light (low density) materials, in contrast to DSP’s heavier products.