The Dead Sea – A Natural Salt Bath

The waters of the Dead Sea contain immense quantities of a mixture of natural salts – chlorides and bromides of magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. The four elements named, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium are all essential for human and animal health, as well as being needed for a large number of industrial processes. DSS isolates some of these salts and also harvests mixtures of other salts in different forms for health requirements, and to meet world-wide needs in numerous manufacturing operations.


Processing the Mineral Resources of the Dead Sea

The processing plants of DSS are located within and operated by the much larger Dead Sea Works (DSW) complex, which is one of the world’s largest producers of fertilizer grade potash. Dead Sea brine is pumped to the world’s biggest assembly of evaporation pans. Under the climatic conditions of high temperatures and gentle winds that prevail almost the whole year, the solutions are evaporated using solar energy until the component salts present in the original mixture can be harvested. The salts are harvested, purified and refined. One of the products of this operation is the specialty brine provided to DSP for the manufacture of magnesium products.


DSS produces high-purity natural salts from the brines of the Dead Sea. The product range includes magnesium chloride flakes and pellets, unique Dead Sea bath salts, potassium chloride in pharmaceutical, food and industrial grades, and sodium chloride for both human and industrial consumption. The production facility is located at Sodom in Israel in a region of unspoiled beauty and dramatic splendor. The Dead Sea is well-known as a seaside resort where the special attractions include floating on the highly dense waters of the Dead Sea in which the human body cannot sink, and where enjoying a mud-bath using the famous Dead Sea muds is believed to have both cosmetic and therapeutic value.