The DSP plant incorporates the unique Aman thermal decomposition process which exploits concentrated magnesium chloride brines, specifically generated by selective solar evaporation stages from the waters of the Dead Sea. The brines are subjected to high temperatures at which the magnesium chloride is converted to magnesium oxide. No external raw materials, other than brine, are employed in the process. Accordingly, none of the mineral impurities commonly found in the raw materials used to manufacture magnesium oxide by conventional methods, are present in the Aman process. The result is that Aman process magnesium compounds are characterized by extremely high levels of purity, and are the purest magnesium compounds available in commercial quantities anywhere in the world.

The highly pure magnesium oxide obtained from the Aman process is converted into a range of magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide and magnesium carbonate materials, each tailored to its intended end-uses. All DSP magnesium products are characterized by relatively high density, and are designated “heavy” as opposed to the light magnesia products of Scora.