Pharma and Nutra

ICL Specialty Minerals offers products of highest quality and purity to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets. The products are manufactured under GMP conditions and meet the strictest criteria of the international regulatory authorities, including the Pharmacopoeia and FCC specifications.

Introduction Table


Magnesium Oxides, Hydroxides and Carbonates are used in the production of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations in the form of tablets, powders and liquid suspensions. They are also used in the production of magnesium salts such as citrate, stearate, amino-acid chelates and lactate for pharma and nutra purposes.


Refined (Pharmaceutical) Potassium Chloride is used as the main ingredient in the preparation of intravenous infusions for correcting and maintaining the correct balance of electrolytes in the human body. It finds use as an oral rehydration salt and is used for the treatment of potassium deficiency.


Calcium Carbonate is supplied as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to manufacturers of medicines for the treatment (prophylactic and therapeutic) of osteoporosis. Scoralite ® is also granulated with different type of binders such as (pre-gelatinized) starch, maltodextrin, PVP and acacia gum, to produce Scoralite®DC, a range of free flowing granular materials that are suitable for direct compressible manufacture of tablets. These materials exhibit all the chemical purity advantages of Scoralite ®, as well as enhanced taste and mouth feel properties.