Dead Sea Bath Salts offer the experience of taking into one’s own bathtub the therapeutic and relaxing value of the Dead Sea. Dead Sea Bath Salts are also used as an active component in a wide range of cosmetic preparations.

Dead Sea Bath Salt


ICL Specialty Minerals Basic Magnesium Carbonate is widely used as a free-flowing agent in powder cosmetic formulations and as a platform for lipsticks and cosmetics in cake or stick form, as well as from the production of shampoos for contact with delicate skin, especially for babies.

Heavy Magnesium Carbonate

Light Magnesium Carbonate


CareMag™ D – a patented molecule for body odor control is used in body odor control, where it enables the elimination the need for other, more aggressive, antiperspirant and antibacterial agents in deodorants.

CareMag™ D