Zinc Bromide 75% Solution

Zinc Bromide 75% Solution
Chemical Name: Zinc Bromide
Formula: ZnBr2
CAS Number: 7699-45-8
General & Use:
Zinc Bromide 75% is used in electrolytes for ZnBr2 rechargeable batteries. It is used as the supply of zinc and bromine for charging the battery.
The energy content of ZnBr2 batteries is high due to the high energetic bromine and its potent reactivity with the zinc metal.

Appearance Clear
ZnBr2 Assay 73-77 %
PH (1:10 Dilution) 5-6
Specific Gravity 20/20 C° 2.3-2.5
Kleur APHA 150 Max
Cd ppm 5 Max
Pb ppm 10 Max

Intermediate Bulk Containers – IBCs 2,000 Kg.