Chemical Name: unspecified formulation

General & Use:
Victawet® 12 wetting agent is a low foaming, complex phosphate ester surfactant as 100% active liquid. It is an unusual phosphate ester surfactant due to its lack of anionic negative charge and its water solubility.

Victawet® 12 is useful in a variety of applications, including emulsion polymerization, investment casting, textile processing, vinyl plastisol and organosols, metal processing and papermaking

Typical Properties:

Appearance Clear Transparent to slightly Hazy Liquid
Color, APHA 500 Max
Specific Gravity @ 25/25 °C 1.110 – 1.130
Draves Test, 0.2% Solution, Seconds 20 Max
Acidity,  mg KOH/ g 0.1 Max
EO Content, ppm 100 Max
Phosphorus Content, wt % as P2O5 16 Min