TexFRon® 4002

TexFRon® 4002 provides solutions for flame retardancy when soak and wash durable FR coating and backcoating formulations are required. TexFRon® 4002 is a polymeric, Oeko-Tex approved (“White List”) effective flame suppressor in a variety of fabrics.

TexFRon® 4002 is supplied as a fine powder and exhibits good transparency, compatibility with most textile finishing chemicals, good pH stability and achieves soak/laundry durable FR fabrics. TexFRon® 4002 may be applied by a variety of application techniques including spray, pad, print, coat, foam and brush. It is most suitable for polyester, acrylic blends, polyamide, polypropylene blends and cotton/ polyester blend fabrics.

Relevant documents: TexFRon® 4002 – Doc – PDF File