Sodium Bromide Powder

Chemical Name: Sodium Bromide

Formula: NaBr

CAS Number: 7647-15-6

General & Use:
Sodium bromide is used as a completion, fracturing,  workover, and packer fluid with density up to 12.5  lb/US gallon.

Typical Properties:

Appearance white crystalline solid
Appearance of 25% Solution clear colorless
Assay (as NaBr) (%) >98
Loss on Drying (%) <0.5
pH of a 5% aqueous solution 5.5-8.5
Chlorides (as Cl) (wt%) <1
Iodides (as I) % <0.01
Sulfates (as SO4-2) (Wt%) <0.03


Flammability and Explosivity
Sodium bromide is non-flammable and nonexplosive

LD50 (oral, rat): 4,200 mg/Kg
LD50 (dermal, rabbit): >2,000 mg/Kg
Sodium bromide is a mild irritant to the eyes and
non-irritant to the intact skin

1050 Kg net pallets each carrying 42 PE/PP bags of 25 Kg in shrink wrapping.