Potassium Chloride, KCL – Pharma and Nutra

Potassium plays a vital role in maintaining human health: it has an essential function in maintaining electrolyte balance in the human body, and is thus involved in the activation of nerve impulses throughout the nervous system. These impulses regulate muscle contractions, heartbeat reflexes and many other physiological actions, including the prevention of high blood pressure.

Refined (pharmaceutical grade) potassium chloride is used as the main ingredient in the preparation of intravenous infusions for correcting and maintaining correct electrolyte balance in the human body. It is used as an oral rehydration salt, as well as for the treatment of potassium deficiency.

ICL Specialty Minerals Refined Potassium Chloride is

  • produced under GMP conditions
  • manufactured under HACCP process control
  • in full compliance with USP, EP, FCC


Product Specification – Potassium Chloride Refined USP