Potassium Bromide Powder

Chemical Name: Potassium Bromide Powder
Formula: KBr
CAS Number: 7758-02-3

General & Use:
Potassium Bromide is used in combination with Copper complexes as heat stabilizer in Polyamide compounds, where high thermal stability during the product›s life cycle is needed. The main applications of such heat stabilized polyamides are in automotive under-the-hood parts and specialty fibers. It is as well used in preparing photographic emulsions and developing solutions and in pharmaceutical preparations.

Typical Properties:

Appearance White Crystalline Powder
Appearance of 25% solution Clear, Colorless
Assay (as KBr) % >99.5
Loss on Drying % <0.3
Transmittance of 25% Sol 410 nm % >96
pH of a 5% aqueous solution 6-7.5
pH of a 25% Solution 6-7.5
Chlorides (as Cl) wt % <0.1
Iodides (as I) % <0.01
Sulfates (as SO4) Wt% <0.005
Oxidizing Subst (as KBrO3) % <0.001
Resistance to KMnO4 Minutes >10
Heavy Metals (as Pb) ppm <3
Iron (as Fe) ppm <2
Alkaline Earth Metals (as Ba) % <0.05
Mercury (as Hg) ppb <5
Calcium (Ca) ppm <5

25 Kg Valve Bags.

Flammability and Explosivity:
Non flammable and non-explosive. when strongly heated, it may emit bromine fumes.

LD50 (oral,rat): >5,000 mg/kg.
Potassium bromine is an irritant to eyes.