Phosphorus trichloride (PCl3)

Chemical Name: Phosphorus trichloride

Formula: PCl3

CAS Number: 7719-12-2

Molecular Weight: 137.3

General & Use:
Phosphorus trichloride is used as an initial product for numerous inorganic and organic phosphorus compounds mainly in the production of agrochemicals, flame retardants, plasticizers, additives and detergents. It is also used as a chlorinating agent in organic syntheses and as a catalyst.

Physical Properties:

Boiling point °C 75.2
Melting point/range °C -90
Density 20°C, kg/m³ Approx. 1580
Vapor pressure 20°C and 60°C, kPa 13 and 62


Appearance Clear colorless liquid
Assay w/w % 99.8 Min
Color APHA 20 Max
POCl3   w/w % 0.2 Max
Iron mg/kg 3 Max
Arsenic mg/kg 5 Max


Typical Values:

Assay w/w % 99.9
POCl3   w/w % 0.08
Iron mg/kg 0.2


Available in bulk (Isotank, rail tank car).