Phosphorus oxychloride (POCl3)

Chemical Name: Phosphorus Oxychloride / Phosphoryl Chloride

Formula: POCl3

CAS Number: 10025-87-3

Molecular Weight: 153.3

General & Use:
Phosphorus Oxychloride is used as a reagent in the production of organic phosphorus compounds. It is used for production of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes and flame retardants. It is also used as a catalyst in organic synthesis.

Physical Properties:

Boiling point °C Approx. 107
Melting point/range °C Approx. 1.0
Density 20°C, kg/m³ Approx. 1600
Vapor pressure 20°C, kPa Approx. 4


Appearance Clear Colorless liquid
Assay w/w % 99.7 Min
Color APHA/HAZEN 30 Max
PCl3   w/w % 0.05 Max
Iron mg/kg 2 Max
Arsenic mg/kg 5 Max


Typical Values:

Assay w/w % 99.8
PCl3   w/w % 0.03
Iron mg/kg 0.5

Available in bulk (Isotank).