Phosphorus acid 98.5% (flakes)

Phosphorous acid crystalline – Phosphorus acid 98.5% (flakes)

Chemical Name: Phosphorous acid crystalline

Formula: H3PO3

CAS Number: 10294-56-1

Molecular Weight: 82
also known as

Chemical Name: Phosphonic acid crystalline

CAS Number: 13598-36-2

General & Use:
Phosphorous acid crystalline is used for the manufacture of phosphonates (used in detergents and as water conditioners), inorganic phosphites (used as stabilizers) and for production of agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Physical Properties:

Melting point/range °C 73
Density 20°C, kg/ m³ Approx. 1800
Bulk density, kg/m³ Approx. 1000


Appearance White crystals
Assay w/w % 99.0 Min
Halogen as Cl  mg/kg 100  Max
Iron mg/kg 20    Max


Available in 1000 Kg Big Bags and 25 Kg PE bags (40 bags per pallet).