Phosphorus acid 70% (aqueous)

Chemical Name: Phosphorous acid 70%

Formula: H3PO3

CAS Number: 10294-56-1

Molecular Weight: 82
also known as

Chemical Name: Phosphonic acid 70%

CAS Number: 13598-36-2

General & Use:
Phosphorous acid 70% is used for the manufacture of phosphonates (used in detergents and as water conditioners), inorganic phosphites (used as stabilizers) and for production of agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Physical Properties:

Density 20°C, kg/ m³ Approx. 1415


Appearance Clear colorless liquid
Assay w/w % 70-72
Halogen as Cl  mg/kg 100 Max
Iron  mg/kg 10 Max
Orthophosphate w/w % 0.2 Max

Available in bulk (Isotank, tank car), 1000 l IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers), 200 l PE drums (4 drums per pallet).