ParaBromoanisol (PBA)

Chemical Name: 4-Bromoanisol

Formula: C7H7BrO

CAS Number: 104-92-7

Bromine content (%): 53

Molecular Weight: 151.05

Field of Use:
Pentyl bromide is used as Alkylation reagent, intermediate for Flavors and Fragrances and Pharmaceuticals.

Typical Properties:

Boiling point/range °C 223
Melting point/range °C 10
Specific gravity, 20°C 1.494
Solubility in water Insoluble
Solubility in other solvents Organic solvents
Flash point °C 202



Appearance Clear liquid, colorless to yellow
Assay (GC) % Min 98.0
Anisole (GC) % Max 0.2
Others (GC) % Max 0.1
Water (KF) % Max 0.05

Available in mini bulk containers (IBC), drums 250 Kg per drum, 4 drums per pallet.