FR-20 400

FR-20 400 is a high purity Magnesium Hydroxide, based on mineral raw material from the Dead Sea and special production technology. It is a non-halogen flame retardant with low smoke emission. During the decomposition process no toxic or corrosive gases are generated. In addition, it is an excellent smoke suppressant and acidscavenger. Its high thermal stability (up to 340°C) enables its use in high performance polymeric formulations.

FR-20 400 is a surface treated grade of Magnesium Hydroxide intended for use in injection molded articles, electronics, electricity and home appliances. Its Aminosilane special surface treatment makes it especially suitable for Polyamides. The surface treatment ensures improved compatibility of FR-20 400 with the polymeric matrix and allows high loading while maintaining excellent mechanical properties.

FR-20 is also available in non-coated and other specialty grades which are suited for specific applications as well as in different Particle Size Distribution and Surface Area (BET).