Ethylene dibromide (EDB)

Chemical Name: 1,2-Dibromoethane

Formula: C2H4Br2

CAS Number: 106-93-4

Bromine content: (%): 85

Molecular Weight: 187.88

Field of Use:
Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) is used as an intermediate in organic synthesis and in the manufacture of Agrochemicals, Fragrances and Pharmaceuticals. It is also used in antiknock compounds as additive for gasoline fuel.

Typical Properties:

Vapor Density, 20°C, (air = 1) 6.5
Viscosity (centipoises at 0°C), liquid 0.8
Freezing point, °C 9.8
Boiling point, °C 132
Volatility, volume % 100
Specific heat 20°C, cal/g 0.173
latent heat of vaporization, cal/g, bp 45.6
Vapor pressure (mm Hg, 0°C:20°C) 11.6
Vapor pressure (mm Hg, 0°C:30°C) 17.4


Acidity (as HCl) ppm Max 1.8
Assay (as EDB) % Min 99.5
Color APHA Max 100
Non-Volatile Matter ppm Max 20
Density 20/25 C° g/ml Min 2.17 Max 2.18
Moisture (by KF) ppm Max 150
Ethylene (ppm) Max 450


Available only in bulk in special Isotanks or road tankers in limited territory.