Calcium Carbonate Powders – Pharma and Nutra

Scora’s calcium carbonate, Scoralite®, is characterized by purities well in excess of those available from conventional calcium carbonate sources, precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), or ground calcium carbonate (GCC). In addition specific unique granulometry and surface area endows tablets made with Scoralite® with superior taste and mouth-feel. The major use of Scoralite ® is in tablets for osteoporosis treatment.

  • Produced in a certified GMP II dedicated facility
  • Complies with USP, EP, FCC specifications
  • Especially low-lead, low-iron and low-aluminum versions are available for specific purposes.


Product Specification – Scoralite® EP

Product Specification – Scoralite® EP Low Aluminum

Product Specification – Scoralite® EP Low Iron

Product Specification – Scoralite® EP Low Lead