Butyl Bromide

Butyl bromide

Chemical Name: n-Butyl bromide

Formula: C4H9Br

CAS Number: 109-65-9

Bromine content (%): 58.3

Molecular Weight: 137.03

Field of Use:
Butyl bromide is used as Alkylation reagent, intermediate for Pharmaceuticals, Quaternary ammonium compounds and Pigments.

Typical Properties:

Boiling point/range °C 101.4
Melting point/range °C -112.4
Specific gravity, 20°C 1.275
Vapor pressure 40 mm Hg at 25°C
Vapor density (air=1) 4.7
Solubility in water 0.0608 g/100ml at 30°C
Solubility in other solvents Organic solvents
Flash point (open cup) 23.9°C



Appearance Clear liquid
Assay (GC) % Min 99.5
Acidity (PPM as HCl) Max 30
Water (KF) % Max 0.02
Color APHA Max 50
2-Bromobutane % Max 0.1


Composite drums 250 Kg per drum, 4 drums per pallet.