Bromine Complexing Agent (MEM)

Chemical Name: N-Methyl-N-Ethyl Morpholinium Bromide (MEM)

Formula: C7H16NOBr

CAS Number: 65756-41-4

General & Use:
MEM is an effective bromine complexing agent for circulating ZnBr2 rechargeable batteries.

During batteries operations so-called “bromine fused salts” – liquid polybromide phases are formed between MEM and Br2. Formation of immiscible polybromide complexes lowered bromine concentration in aqueous phase and therefore bromine vapor pressure strongly decreases. As a result of complexation bromine activity is reduced and this lowers the rate of corrosion in the battery.

Polybromide complexes can be stored in external storage tanks which significantly decreases rate of battery self-discharge.

Typical Properties:



Colorless to slightly yellow liquid with a slight amine odor
Vapour pressure 10.5 mbar @ 20°C
Boiling point/range °C 100°C
Specific gravity of 65% aqueous solution 1.19
Molecular weight 210.11

Highly soluble in water, ZnBr2 solutions, HBr, organic solvents.