Bactebrom solution (Bromo-Urea)

Bactebrom® solution – Technical Data Sheet

Industrial Biocide

For HBr portion:

CAS No.: 10035-10-6

EC No.:  233-113-0

For Urea portion:

CAS No.:  57-13-6

EC No.:   200-315-5


Specification Name Value
Appearance Colourless to slight yellow
H as HBr, (w/w %) 33.4 – 37.0
Urea content, (w/w %) 25.5 – 27.6
Specific gravity (25°C) 1.36 – 1.46
pH, (1%) 1.1 – 1.6


The active biocide is created in-situ by mixing Bactebrom® and NaOCl in water-diluted conditions.

Instructions for use in Pulp & Paper and Industrial Cooling Systems’ applications:

Initial Dosage:
In case of obvious contamination, add, via the dedicated dosing unit, enough biocide in order to reach 2.0 – 10.0 ppm residual, expressed as Total Chlorine. A good biocide solution is usually obtained by mixing 1.0 liters of Sodium Hypochlorite (typically 12.5 % w/v) with 0.32 liters of Bactebrom solution.

Maintenance dosage:
When the situation is under control, add enough biocide solution in order to maintain a residual of 0.5 – 5.0 ppm, expressed as Total Chlorine.

Available in standard Intermediate Bulk Containers, IBCs