Microbial Solutions

From the world’s richest source of bromine, ICL offers the most stable supply of bromine based microbial water treatment solutions.

All biocides are regulatory supported worldwide according to required regulations in each country. Our supportive regulatory activity includes BPR Art. 95 registration in Europe and US-EPA registration on primary level.

Bromine based biocides are highly effective in prevention and removal of biofilm.

Non oxidative bromine based biocides can offer wide range and quick effectivness (DBNPA) or, can function to prevent micro-organisms growth in the long term.

Oxidative bromine based biocides are having at high pH higher concentrations of active HOBr contribute to higher biocidal activity over chlorinated based biocides.

ICL range of bromine based biocides includes the pure actives in solid form as well as ready to use liquid solutions.

Bactebrom solution (Bromo-Urea)

Bactebrom® solution – Technical Data Sheet Industrial Biocide For HBr portion: CAS No.: 10035-10-6 EC No.:  233-113-0 For Urea portion: CAS No.:  57-13-6 EC No.:   200-315-5 Specifications: Specification Name Value Appearance Colourless to slight yellow H as HBr, (w/w %) 33.4 – 37.0 Urea content, (w/w %) 25.5 – 27.6 Specific gravity (25°C) 1.36 –…

Biobrom® C-103 (solid and solution)

Chemical Name: 2,2-dibromo-3-Nitrilopropionamide Formula: C3H2Br2N2O CAS Number: 10222-01-2 Bromine content (%): 66 Molecular Weight: 241.84 General & Use: BIOBROM® C-103 is an active ingredient (98%) that can be used to prepare fast-acting, efficient biocides for controlling microbial, fungal and algal growth in industrial water systems such as cooling towers, pulp and paper mill process water,…


General & Use: Bromosol is a single component solution. It is a biocide based on the oxidizing source of Bromine. The product yields to improved results in alkaline cooling systems especially compared to Sodium Hypopchlorite. Bromosol is free of Chlorine and has a wide range of application. Bromosol inhibits the microbiological growth and eliminates existing micro-organisms, like bacteria, fungi, and algae. It…

Fuzzicide®, Ammonium bromide

Chemical Name: Ammonium Bromide Formula: NH4Br CAS Number: 12124-97-9 Bromine content (%): 81.6 Molecular Weight: 97.94 General & Use: Fuzzicide® is a proprietary technology for water disinfection treatment with excellent biocidal properties. Applied mainly in paper mills and heat transfer systems. The Production of the biocide made on site by using proprietary dosing machines, Ammonium…

Sodium Bromide WT

Chemical Name: Sodium Bromide Formula: NaBr CAS Number: 7647-15-6 General & Use: Sodium Bromide is a pesticide used in formulating liquid sodium bromide microbiocides for the control of algal, bacterial and fungal slimes in industrial water treatment as well as municipal wastewater applications Typical Properties: Appearance white crystalline solid granular (compacted) or powder forms Assay…