Drilling & Completion Fluids

ICL is leading producer of bromine based clear brine fluids. ICL-IP’s clear brines are used to control formation pressures while minimizing damage to the producing interval, provide lubrication to preserve drilling equipment, circulate and transport solids and increase oil and gas wells efficiency and productivity.
All of ICL-IP’s clear brines are recyclable and reusable.
Clear brines are used as completion and drilling fluids by the upstream oil & gas industry and are supplied by ICL-IP to the major service companies. These service companies sell formulated brines to the oil companies (Exxon, Shell, BP among others) for use in their drilling and completion operations.
ICL-IP is a market leader for bromine-based clear brines in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Through its logistical network it serves the developing areas of South America, South East Asia as well as the Gulf States.