Textile, Coatings and Adhesives

As most textiles are either made of polyesters/polyamides or mixtures thereof with cotton, which are extremely flammable, they require effective solutions to reduce their flammability, especially in industrial clothing, laboratory, military and fire brigade apron. Sustainable flame retardant solutions have always been a primary concern of the textile industry. To achieve flame resistance, and wash-durability, ICL-IP has developed its line of TexFRon products. TexFRon products provide flame resistance which is essentially bound into the textile, and is easily applied as dispersible acrylic emulsion.
Helping the value chain members to withstand the ever-increasing requirements for adhesives, paints and coatings fire safety, ICL offer a range of tailor-made and sustainable products for these applications.

Phosflex® 4

Phosflex® 4 is a plasticizer and solvent for cellulose esters, lacquers, plastic and vinyl resins. It is used for a wide variety of applications, including as a solvent extractant of rare earth metals from ores, as a pigment grinding assistant, and as an antifoam agent. Phosflex® 4, is a clear, water-white, high boiling liquid. Phosflex®…

Phosflex® T-BEP

Phosflex® T-BEP is used in floor finishes emulsions, latex paints leveling agent, processing aid for acrylonitrile rubber, antiblock agent for cast polyurethanes. Phosflex® T-BEP is low viscosity. Relevant documents: Phosflex® T-BEP – Doc – PDF File

TexFRon® 4002

TexFRon® 4002 provides solutions for flame retardancy when soak and wash durable FR coating and backcoating formulations are required. TexFRon® 4002 is a polymeric, Oeko-Tex approved (“White List”) effective flame suppressor in a variety of fabrics. TexFRon® 4002 is supplied as a fine powder and exhibits good transparency, compatibility with most textile finishing chemicals, good pH…

TexFRon® 5001

TexFRon® 5001 is useful for FR treatment of 100% synthetic fabrics. It provides Antimony Trioxide free solutions when combined with ICL specialty FRs and is applicable to cotton rich blends. It delivers efficientl flame retardancy when soak and wash durable FR coating and back-coating formulations are required. It may be applied by a variety of…

TexFRon® 9001

Suitable for durable textile coating applications, especially to pass stringent standards such as BS-5852, NFPA-701 and 16 CFR 1633.

TexFRon® P

TexFRon® P is a wash durable, water-based brominated acrylate copolymer, supplied as an aqueous emulsion with up to 50% solids. TexFRon® P exhibits inherent FR properties, flexible film forming, effective flame suppression on a variety of fabrics, excellent transparency, good pH stability and durability up to 50 laundry cycles. Relevant documents: TexFRon® P – Doc – PDF…

TexFRon® P+

TexFRon® P+ is a wash durable water-based brominated acrylate copolymer, combined with an additive which provides solutions for flame and smoldering suppression, when wash durable FR coating and backcoating formulations are required.