Building and Construction

Today’s society acknowledges the importance of keeping our buildings as safe as possible by minimizing flammability. Indeed, recent worldwide fire statistics state that more than 60,000 people have died in more than 2.5 million fires having their origin in buildings and dwellings (Source CTIF).

ICL-IP sees its mission to fight against this lack of fire safety and fit the most suitable products to the different materials and building techniques which are available in the market today and will be developed for the future.

Side by side with the importance of safety there is a growing awareness of the need to minimize carbon footprint and emissions of greenhouse gases.

ICL-IP is committed to develop the right products in order to assist in this important effort, while aiming for cleaner and environmentally friendly flame retardants.

ICL-IP is pleased to share with you its list of products developed for the construction field.

During the years, ICL-IP has developed a wide and comprehensive applications database. The following aspects are addressed in this database:

high working temperature, thermo-mechanical properties, chemical resistance, recycling of

scrap, light stability, non-surface migration properties and smoke toxicity reduction.